Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BBM C 2006-2009

About 90% of ppl not only from our class but across the college would say that chirst college sux,
it was de biggest mistake of my life to join this fkin coll.. don kn how i came to this coll.. If someone asks me i would say de same thing.. but whn u look into urself ask de same question again n again de answer would be Yes umm actually No. Thr were lots of problems in here, coll life should hv been bit peaceful rather than cryin for attendance , loosin attendace for no reason , runnin to coll main block n take some fee chalan n then bak to main block etc.. u all kn abt it.. Fuck i hate it cos of it but it was still fun spendin 3 yrs of my coll in here.. i don kn if i like christ coll or i hate it
But whn it comes to BBM C thr wont be a person who would say i regret being in C. 3 years in C were de best days of my life, it went off kinda fast. no matter how much problems u had wid one another thr were definately more gud moments which one would never forget. everyday in BBM C is a memory. i still remember the first day of our coll.. class looked gr8. slowly everyone bonded ,we became BBM C. we had gud fun in de coll as well as outside. these 3 yrs r de ones which we would never forget. n now whn i m sittin here n writin abt it i can feel its all over. but it would be there in ma memory all through out.. i m gonna miss BBM C n thnks i would like to thank u guys for being thr in BBM C to make BBM C a special one..
N now i can proudly say tht BBM C 06-09 was de greatest n will remain.