Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BBM C 2006-2009

About 90% of ppl not only from our class but across the college would say that chirst college sux,
it was de biggest mistake of my life to join this fkin coll.. don kn how i came to this coll.. If someone asks me i would say de same thing.. but whn u look into urself ask de same question again n again de answer would be Yes umm actually No. Thr were lots of problems in here, coll life should hv been bit peaceful rather than cryin for attendance , loosin attendace for no reason , runnin to coll main block n take some fee chalan n then bak to main block etc.. u all kn abt it.. Fuck i hate it cos of it but it was still fun spendin 3 yrs of my coll in here.. i don kn if i like christ coll or i hate it
But whn it comes to BBM C thr wont be a person who would say i regret being in C. 3 years in C were de best days of my life, it went off kinda fast. no matter how much problems u had wid one another thr were definately more gud moments which one would never forget. everyday in BBM C is a memory. i still remember the first day of our coll.. class looked gr8. slowly everyone bonded ,we became BBM C. we had gud fun in de coll as well as outside. these 3 yrs r de ones which we would never forget. n now whn i m sittin here n writin abt it i can feel its all over. but it would be there in ma memory all through out.. i m gonna miss BBM C n thnks i would like to thank u guys for being thr in BBM C to make BBM C a special one..
N now i can proudly say tht BBM C 06-09 was de greatest n will remain.


  1. yeah well said...BBM C was truly a wonderful experience...met lots of new interesting ppl...loved the unity that was displayed...the enthusiasm, the commitment...i hope all the faceoffs with classmates at times are forgiven and forgotten...i hope all our classmates become Big People some day then i'll have the honour of sayin...yes, that was my classmate..


  2. reli wel said hardy... i neva thot u cud b so
    BBM C ws a wonderful experience... d class ws fun... n eldi v al wil surely bcum "BIG PEOPLE" n u'll surely get d honor... !!! ;)

  3. i regret to say that BBM-C was a unified class . it was a class where people just wanted to assure themselves and others that they hold unity amongst them and they are all together. BULLSHIT..cause most of us know the truth inside that its some of the people of the class that made these three years in this college worth living and enjoying ...WHY fukin give credit to the whole class.?? People stop running away from the truth and accept what you have in your mind is true. For once open up and clearly express yourself about what you love and hate about BBM-C.

  4. by shruti kedia

    i Love my college:-)) couldn have wished for a better 5 years

  5. this comment is by Prabha Joseph

    i think these 3 yrs in coll have been the most memorable years of my life!! Christ has given me the biggest gift in my life which i hope to keep for the rest of my life....wat more could i have asked for!! moreover all the friends ive made here are soo special!!! i just soo grateful!!

  6. n this one is by megha... they mailed me rahter than posting it here..

    one good thing in your life u have done.... good..... but wats da point cryin over da spilt milk.... i don think i really hated christ college... ya i agree dere were times i genuinel hated da col... but i also have to agree dere were loads and loads of good times dat compensated for al of dem... i will never regret comin to dis place and da col.... otherwise we would have never known who is hardy, modi, kd, or anyone for dat matter......

  7. i stil remember d day i joined christ... i thot it ws d worse decision ever bt overtime i gt 2 knw dat i ws wrng... i met a lot of wonderful ppl who made dese 3yrs reli special 4 me... i agree dat i hated christ coz all d attndnc issue n runnin arnd n d teachrs bt i guess it ws jus d collg...if i look bck, survivin 3yrs wid all dis bullshit ws Fun... bt i also luv christ coz it made me meet so many ppl some of whom wil remain frnds 4 lyf... i cudnt hav wishd 4 anythn betta... i guess derz no point feelin sad dat itz ova nw coz itz a part of lyf... jus wanna wish Best of Luck 2 all n hope every1 is successful in wateva dey do in future...

    Hav a gr8 lyf ahead...


  8. i thnk itz a perfct sum up of christ....

    You know you went to christ when..

    You were royally grilled by your HOD, lecturers, random fathers (such as father V), the librarian, admission/examination office cunts, invigilators, security guards, peons, bathroom cleaners, random ppl walking on the campus, and if you were extremely unlucky, the principal..

    You thanked your lucky stars you weren't christian and you didn't have to attend the mass which of course, was during the lunch break..

    You've had atleast one lunch in the bird's park..amidst the crazy birds..

    There was SOMETHING wrong with the blazer you got made, either it was too big or too tight or just plain wierd..

    You went on a wierd village trip, the purpose of which you're still trying to figure out. But it did help you make friends..

    You were forced to donate money to CSA, and you were convinced that christ was ripping you off..

    You thought Tapas was the shit..

    You took a million pictures on ethnic day with the same damn people everywhere possible- in college, then at a restaurant, then at someone's place, then at a disc...

    You were fined for everything:
    didn't do an assignment? 200 bucks!
    late to class? 200 bucks!
    bunked class? 1000 bucks!
    bunked a FEST?!?! 2000 bucks!
    shortage of attendance??500/1500/2000/3000/god knows what's next
    flunked an internal exam?5000 bucks!(I'm serious!)
    pissed the HOD off?no fine, you're just dead meat..

    You went to the counsellor ONLY when you needed to check your attendance or when the HOD told you to..

    You were constantly trying to figure who the class spy was so that you could whoop some ass..

    You hated or were MADE to hate jain college..

    You were asked to fill seats in the auditorium for any random boring seminar if the turn out was low..

    You were made to learn the 'Vishion' and 'Mishion' of chirst college..

    You had your graduation ceremony before you even gave your final exams..

    You heard stories about father varghese being gay and how he got caught watching porn..

    You were asked to come to college on college day, and you never did..

    There was atleast ONE person in your batch who got detained due to shortage of attendance..

    You either hated or loved fests..

    You thought mad ads was some funny shit..

    You thought the BA chicks were super hot..

    And of course, you know you went to christ when you were made to learn about christ college's biggest discovery so far...'Holistic Development' aka absolute shit...

    Christ...a place we allll love to hate!..but for those of us who have doesn't seem that bad anymore!.. and for those who're still in sucks..we know!

    hats off 2 whoeva wrote it.... !!!

  9. I’ve been sitting for an hour now staring at this blank screen trying to write a long emotional message, so that by the end of it people have tears rolling down their cheeks.

    Well I don’t think that’s going to happen but I still got my money on a few that will end up in tears.

    Hmmm I really don’t know where to begin. Ah…. The idea of this message being today delivered today at this juncture was my way of butting in and being a part of your graduation…. & thanking certain individuals for their constant support in my blunders, crazy acts of defiance, stupidity, fun, laughs, tears. So much has gone by in these 3 years. Many faces from strangers became friends and more.

    There is so much running through my mind right now so many incidents that I want to talk bout but I know how we all hate long speeches. This very auditorium holds so many memories where the best of us came out (my favorite being the long strong joke).

    Hmmm 3 years have gone by and I’ve said good bye twice already but this one is going to the toughest, because this marks the end of a memorable journey for everyone.

    I consider myself lucky to find it so difficult to say good-bye only because I know how much you all mean to me & the very thought of not having these people scares me.

    Shray(my love),
    Neil(da driver),
    Shivani(my best frend),
    Pooja(wher r my rasgullas?),
    Chirag(we r lukn @ da same person),
    Tanuj(u knw da plan 4 d nyt),
    Hardik(join in we gotta trip on tanuj),
    Vaijayanthi(u mean da world 2 me) 
    Yentl, Grishma, Shruti Kedia, Anvi, Sambhav, Kanav, Raghav, Amit, Sandeep, Piush, Shreyans, Hitesh, ….. & the entire class of 1st semester BBM C batch of 2007.
    Thank You for making that 1 year the most unforgettable year of my life!
    Love you all.

    Hmmm I guess I’ve come to the end of my message. The most difficult thing to do is to say good-bye but sometimes its best we hold our heads high and say our final GOOD-BYE!

    - Syed Mohsin